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About usFurniture Manufacture Brzeziny

We are like a family company based on friendship and trust, built on two contrary and at the same time complementary energies – sensitivity and business strength.

Sensitivity allows us to create exactly what our customers need. It allows us to do much more than just listening to their requirements. Thanks to this we can overtake them and build the quality, which is within easy reach.

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Our furniture is created with passion, with full support of knowledge and experience. While creating interiors we focus on the expectations of our customers adding a piece of our imagination.


We create new solutions, break schemes by giving them new form, taking inspirations from the past and looking into the future.


We collaborate with the greatest architects and interior designers.

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Company's developmentOur history

Check the history of FMB Furniture company and learn how we have been developing our brand for over 20 years.

Our offer

There must be something in the interior that synchronizes it with us, this helps us to understand that it is our place. FMB Team